When Individuals (HNI) and Groups (FII) do not Exercise Self Restraint,

The Constitution (SEBI) should have to tell them when to Stop....

After fall of nearly 50 % in Sensex, if SEBI says that 'nothing has gone wrong in Indian Stocks Market and we are closely monitoring the market movements on day to day and hours to hours basis.' Such kind of statements are really make the market sentiment in lieu with Economical parameter and action taken by the MOF and Reserve Bank step by reducing CRR rate by 150 bps.

As a good conductor of Stock Markets the SEBI must first take the Total Stocks Positions of all HNIs and FIIs In Market and Outside the Market, by putting heavy margin on short selling in future market. (currently the equal margin is applying on short and long.) For selling margin, consider the cost of Original allotter if the Market price is below the issued price / right price / conversion price,

Examples, The Issued price of DLF is 540, the current price is 300 then if some body want to go short in this scrip then margin amount should be count on 540 not on 300.

Using such kind of actions from market regulator make market operation fair and transparent, and make Investor confidence level positive and stop the erosion of national actual wealth.