Buying and selling shares in the share Market has lost its Significance and Indian Investors has lost their interest due to lack of Transparency in the market. There are no logic works behind it.

SEBI is not giving true picture of buying and selling of FII.

Indian Investors don't need data in terms of what values of Stocks FII is buying or selling, but Indian Investors only need to known the Current total market capitalization of FII. Because the Inflow and Outflow doesn't reflects the actual Strength of FII in Market, only current Total Market Capitalization will reflects the correct picture of the FII and which will give guidance to the conductor of Market to put Check on them, also it's very importance for the Reserve Bank and Ministry of Finance to check contingency liability of balance of foreign currency reserves on day to day basis to avoid any manipulation in economy of country.

In December 2007 our total Market Cap was INR 62,000,00 Crs And now it left below INR 37,000,00 Crs. If FII is pulling out $10 Billion (INR 44,000Crs approximately.) from our Stock Market, with this they can pull down our Market Cap from INR 62,000,00 Crs to INR 37,000,00 Crs , It means they can pull down our market cap by INR 25,000,00 Crs with their only 44,000 Crs.


Is it fair and wise conduct?

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