To Fight with Developing Country need Trillions of Dollars….
But to Damage the Economy of Developing Country require only Few Billions Dollars….

In financial war the developed country instruct their financial institution (on paper they are private) to take participations in stock market of Developing Country by way of Big Investment (on short term basis), and by managing the financial media channels globally to create the bloomy picture of Global economy in the mind of Investors.

Phase 1: Create bloomy picture of Global Economy by using Rating System, and create
Madness in investors.

Phase 2: Once the Investors investment come on saturations, then start speculative activities in commodities and push the rate to higher level, which will increase the WPI and create the Fear of Inflations and slow down of Global Economy by managing media channels.

Phase 3: Start distresses selling in all Index based Stock in market and create the fear in mind of Investors for Stock Market and through media channels spreads the rumor for Global slowdown and avoid investments in Stock Market.

Phase 4: As Stock Market goes down the Drawing power of economy will decreases, which affect the development and GDP of economy.

This lead Developing country towards the financial instabilities.